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Analyze how Beth and Calvins own family backgrounds influence and Essay

Dissect how Beth and Calvins own family foundations impact and influence them inside their family and their relationship with Conrad in Ordinary People - Essay Example Calvin Jarrett, father of Conrad Jarrett is filling in as a Tax Attorney. His family foundation is lamentable in light of the fact that he spent his adolescence in a shelter. So he is very much aware of his status and duties as a dad. He attempted his best to be a decent dad however see himself as a disappointment in relationship with his better half and child. The words: â€Å"Responsibility. That is fatherhood.† (Guest 9) clarifies that Calvin think about parenthood as a genuine issue and obligation towards his child. In any case, his concern was that he didn't have any good example to follow in light of the fact that he spent his youth in a halfway house. Be that as it may, his life at the shelter profoundly impacts his family connection. He was prepared to surrender his issue with Molly Davis for the prosperity of his family. Beth demonstrates unmistakable fascination to keep a decent connection with his child who is excessively near him. Be that as it may, his great chara cter and unmistakable fascination to keep up welcoming connection with his relatives doesn't assist him with maintaining his family in a legitimate way. In the long run, his better half chose to leave him in the midst of issues. In this way, one can see that Beth’s family foundation as a vagrant impact him to keep up warm connection with his child yet it severely influence his connection with his better half and his darling. Simultaneously, Beth Jarrett, mother of Conrad is from an alternate family foundation which constrains all her herself away from genuine circumstances. She is so fixated on nonexistent get-aways and wishes to fend off herself from family matters. The expressions of the speaker in the novel clarify that: â€Å"Self-had is the thing that she is; he unequivocally doesn't claim her, nor doesn't have command over her, nor would he be able to comprehend or even foresee with unwavering quality her states of mind, her attitudes.† (Guest 25) Beth was reserved character and her better half didn't have any power over her

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Injustice Toward Women. Candide by Voltaire Essay

Bad form Toward Women. Candide by Voltaire - Essay Example Ladies who restricted the estimations of the general public confronted dismissal and were not perceived inside the people. The reason for centering the investigation of foul play toward the lady is to underscore that the novel will assist us with developing the proposal of the examination ladies personality from the beginning stage of ladies bad form in the general public. Men guarantee to esteem and regard the nobility of ladies in the general public, they misuse them at each chance. In the Novel, the greater part of the noteworthy female characters are assaulted and treated fiercely by men characters this is portrayed by Cunegonde who advise Candide of abuse during the war. In different nations, rules and laws are defined to secure the unfairness of ladies; in spite of the fact that, the circumstance isn't immaculate the guidelines have assisted with keeping up ladies equity in the public eye. Different human rights regularly don't perceive the equity privileges of ladies around th e globe particularly as they clarify the subjection and shameful acts submitted against ladies in the public eye. Ladies endure foul play in marriage laws and separations the unfaithfulness in the spouse will consistently make the vast majority to feel for man without substantial reasons of judgment. As in practically all agreement of relationships the spouse has a significant prevalence over the wife. Consequently, the injury done to his respect will be increasingly shocking, as all impacts done to an unrivaled by sub-par are more reasonably felt than those done to a second rate (Montes and Schliesser 51). The Voltaire’s tale Candide will assist with examining how bad form toward ladies influenced the characters, and how the shamefulness is as yet critical in today’s society. The epic is brimming with incredibly episode of the sexual misuse of Women in the general public, and this maltreatment was forced on the three significant characters elderly people ladies, Cuneg onde, and paquette. These characters were completely assaulted, instigated into sexual servitude that caused mental, social, and physical issues. The casualties were seen as shameless, and numerous individuals looked down on the casualty without understanding the troubles they needed to persevere. When Candide says he needs to wed Cunegonde, Maximilian denies the marriage saying that Candide isn't qualified to wed the result of age of honorability in the general public. The author utilize three characters to show the phenomenal threats that ladies are defenseless and that influence the manner in which they live in the general public. In spite of the fact that, men truly need a tough lady with remarkable temperances, many view these kinds of ladies as difficult and awful guide to society. The weight on women’s time and the sexual orientation unfairness that ladies face, with amazing constrained access to the profitable assets, have genuine ramifications for the supportable imp rovement in the network. As per Montes and Schliesser (53) sexual orientation foul play, happen when ladies face continuous secretive endeavors to keep up their subjection, and when men face supported endeavors to deny them access to essential assets or view them as second rate sex in the general public. At the point when ladies face the tests to existing relations of intensity, and their endeavors to change the bad form condition, experiences serious results. For instance, the male character in the novel regard the force and sexual virtue in ladies, however when Cunegonde attempts to give her nobility by safeguarding her right, he makes it outlandish for her and other ladies to esteem such sexual modesty. At the point when a general public exists with an out of line

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Hip-Hop Culture - Free Essay Example

Hip-hop is born in post-industrial New York and came out of the neglected minority youth of the city. It is a major part of black American culture. It is a form of communication in that through music it expressed the black community. It expressed the struggles and accomplishments that they went through. It expressed resistance against society, but not about social order. It is used to stand up for injustice and humanity. In 1988, N.W.A released Fuck tha Police, a protest song, to show their attitude toward police brutality. The lyrics of the song protested police brutality and racial profiling and it criticized the local police force. Although hip-hop artists used music as a form of communication, they also presented women as props and objects through different media. Although there are hip-hop artists of both genders, the hip-hop industry is male-dominated. Therefore, the marketing strategies for each gender vary when it comes to music production and the content of the lyrics. In hip-hop, males are considered to be aggressive, dominant, and flattened whereas females are submissive, hypersexual, and silenced. Male tend to play on their masculinity. Their marketing strategies are based on their ability to get wome n. The lyrics are centered around instructing women to perform sexual behaviors and this leads to the objectification of women. The media is using the female bodies to promote the rap culture. White America sexualize, devalue, and objectify the bodies of black women. It is very common for black women to be oversexualized and to be used as props in music videos. They are used as inanimate objects for visual experience whether it is through their clothing or their action. The objectification of women is shown in a music video Tip Drill or E.I. (reinvention) released by Nelly in 2000. When a woman is referred to as Tip Drill it means that she has a breathtaking body but an average-looking face. The lyrics of the song included, You lookin good in them shorts, but they look better on the flo, Toot that ass up mama, put that dip in ya back, It must be ya ass cause it aint yo face, and I need a freak that will not choke. The lyrics of the song themselves objectify and degrade women. However, the music video takes the trope of misogyny to a whole different level. In the music video, women, mainly African American are surrounded by male artists. Women are seen barely clothed whereas men are fully clothed. Money is thrown over the females bodies. The camera is focused on the females genitalia. Nelly swipes a credit card between a females behind while looking mischievously into the camera. Women are performing sexual behaviors and sexual activities. This suggests that money drive females sexual performance and that they are strippers or prostitutes. In the music video, mo st of the women are black. This is a stereotype of how the mass media depicts the black female body. The media see the black female body as exotic, untamed, sexual objects. Womens bodies are seen as disposable sources of sexual pleasure and income. Although the hip-hop culture is mainly dominated by males, misogynistic lyrics and unpleasant music videos lead to females being disrespected and shamed on. Cheryl Keyes grouped hip-hop femininities into four major categories: the queen mother, fly girl, sista with attitude, and lesbian. These categories identify the number of experiences that women brought to the hip-hop culture. Imani Perry mentioned on how black womens roles as badasses show resistance in hip-hop. When women are badasses, they find their voice. It becomes a strategy for expressing feminism. Perry stated that badass black women offer a more complicated narrative in that their narrative shows their rage and frustration on how it is like to be in a male-dominated black community. They are usually racially oppressed, sexually abused, robbed of gender roles, and overburdened by community responsibility. Perry builds upon Keyess idea that a sista with attitude conveys that rage is a privilege that is reserved for both genders. Through their lyrics, they are able to show their assertiveness, attitude, and independence just like that of black men rappers. In hip-hop, anger is considered a valid dimension for females. They are looked upon as victims in that they are mistreated. Through hip-hop, they can voice their frustration and rage. With this in mind, Regina N. Bradley grouped hip-hop masculinities into four main categories. The philosopher kings are performers who promote the worl d and their position around them. They are viewed as touchstones of the hip-hop culture and portals to experiences lodged in hip-hop that may not translate to a white audience. The playas and pimps expressed hypermasculinity and hypersexuality through the commercial hip-hop culture. They are highly visible, heterosexual, misogynistic, and the crux of hip-hops Black cool pose. They see hip-hop as male-dominated and at the expense of women. Dope boys and trap stars identity are associated with the drug culture. They are nihilistic, violent, and quick-witted disclosures about their knowledge of the drug game. Hustlers are characterized by their ability to think and respond quickly and effectively. They have strong desire and determination to succeed. Their narratives focused on their struggle as well as their path to success. They are recognized as powerful and important figures in hip-hop. Tricia Rose divided sexism in hip-hop into two groups. The first group is those who do not speak about the prevention of discrimination when it comes to black women. They do not offer support of feminist agendas. They focus on protecting America from hip-hop and deviant black people. This groups main concern is respect, however, not in the sense of womens rights or the nature of the male-dominated culture. For them, the disrespect some black men shown to black women is a sign of insubordinate black masculinity. The second group is those who challenge misogyny against black women and perceive hip-hop as having a harmful and destructive effect. They are concerned about the influence of commercial hip-hop on black women and how they are viewed as sexual objects which may affect the black communities. Rose said that. the emphasis on the degradation of women has roots in white conservatism, it also has solid roots in black religious and patriarchal conservative values. Mainstream masculin ity continues to treated women as if they are less valuable than men. Women are less powerful socially, economically, and politically. Males tried to control, label, and exploit womens sexuality. Images and lyrics from commercial hip-hop treated black women with disrespect and disregard. Males used women as props that boost their egos. They treated womens bodies as sexual objects. In 2005, 50 Cent released Candy Shop. Throughout the music video, there is a clear representation of male dominance and wealth. At the beginning of the video, 50 Cent drives into a mansion in a Ferrari. When he enters the mansion, women are dressed very sexually, revealing, and provocatively. There are only one male and a numerous number of females. Near the end of the video, 50 Cent picks up his order from a drive-thru window and tells the female worker to keep the remaining of the change. This portrays that males make the money and have more control of power whereas females are working at a job that paid minimum wage. 50 Cent has enough money and does not need the change. Since the change is unnecessary, he is telling the female worker to keep the change. In the music video, women are viewed as sexual objects in the way they are dressed. Men can control and play around with women. Women are viewed as sources of sexual pleasure and income. On the other hand, the representation of women in hip-hop is completely the opposite. Women are encouraged to dress and dance in a sexual way. They are used as decoration in music videos. Men look at women sexual body parts with their sexual long ing gaze. This does not apply to the females in the music videos but also to female hip-hop artists. In many music videos, the number of women always outnumbered the number of men. Women are dressed in a sexual manner by wearing short and tight dresses as well as bikini and swimsuits. These outfits centered around their sexual bodies. Womens behaviors and actions meet the mens wants and desires. Many of the womens behaviors and actions show that they are objects to men and that they are used for their pleasure. White America portrays males and females differently in the hip-hop culture. In a male-dominated community, men are viewed as aggressive, dominant, and flattened. Women are considered submissive, hypersexual, and silenced. White America and mass media devalue and demean women in the hip-hop culture. Women are dressed in a sexual way to perform sexual behaviors and actions around men. Thus, they are looked upon as sexual objects and props to men. They are objectified. They are used as sexual pleasure and entertainment for men. They are not being respected as women.

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The Human Development Index Is a Better Measure of...

I will advance the thesis that the Human Development Index (HDI) is a better measure of economic performance than the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita. By saying that the HDI is a better system to measure economic performance, I mean that because the HDI highlights the trend between longevity, education and economic growth, it calculates a better analysis of an economy (Costa, Steckel 1997, p. 71). In contrast, the GDP per capita only accounts for the gross domestic product without paying any attention to other factors of an economy (Hawthorn, Sen 1997, p. 60). With this being said, my thesis asserts that the HDI is a better measure for economic performance because it considers significant factors that play large roles in an†¦show more content†¦As I just defended the importance of considering longevity in an economy, I will now explain why it is imperative to consider education when calculating the development and performance of an economy. To begin, when a populatio n is educated they will have the opportunity to adapt new technology and new ideas to enhance their productivity and output, which is an essential part of competing against other economies in the international arena. To be more specific, when a population is able to adapt new technology and idea they increase their speed of production, which, in turn, increases their output, which means, in simple terms, new technology and ideas increase an economy’s growth because it allows them to produce more, faster and trade more, faster. This is best explained in Invest in Humans, Technological Diffusion, and Economic Growth that says, â€Å"the better educated farmer is quicker to adopt profitable new processes and products since, for him, the expected payoff from innovation is likely to be greater and the risk likely to be smaller; for he is better able to discriminate between promising and unpromising ideas, and hence les likely to make mistakes (Nelson, Phelps 1966, p.70)†, w hile the less educated farmer is prudent to delay the introduction of new technology until he has concrete evidence of its profitability, which is often from hisShow MoreRelatedGdp .. Measure of Welfare ?2473 Words   |  10 PagesENPC-EHTP-MBAXIV A MA 1407 : Business Economics in a Global Market Individual Assignment GDP vs. Welfare The Moroccan Example Othmane Bouzoubaa Student ID : MA14 - 016 April – May 2012 This paper emphasis on GDP as an inefficient measure of welfare using arguments from the Moroccan example. MBAXIV A – MA 1407 – Business Economics in a Global Market GDP Welfare – The Moroccan Example Table of Contents 1. 2. 2.1 2.2 2.3 3. 3.1 3.2 4. 5. Introduction .............................Read MoreThe Gross Domestic Product ( Gdp )974 Words   |  4 PagesThe Gross Domestic Product (GDP) represents the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country s geographic borders in a determined period of time. It is used as a quantitative measure of the total economic activity of a nation, and it is usually calculated on an annual basis. The GDP can be determined in three different ways: output or production measure, income measure, and expenditure measure. In theory, it should all give the same number. The output or productionRead MoreEconomic Growth Between India And India3046 Words   |  13 Pages..............................................................................................................1 What is Economic growth? ................................................................................................2 What is GDP? ..................................................................................................................3 Compare economic growth Australia and India....................................................................4 Positives and negativesRead MoreA Research Based On A Cross Country Data Essay1216 Words   |  5 Pagescorruption and economic growth of different countries over the period 1971-1979 and 1980-1983. In his research, Mauro used indices related to corruption from Business International Corporation which sells indices to banks, companies, and investors. The indices are based on the responses of the BI’s analysts from more than 70 countries, and they reflect analysts’ perspective on conditions in a country. The indices have values between 1 and 10, and higher values correspond to a better quality of institutionsRead MoreA Educational Excellence And Standards For More Than 30 Years Essay1545 Words   |  7 PagesRochester Institute of Technology has been known for its educational excellence and standards for more than 30 years. RIT vision is to create a worldwide portfolio and educational models that could fulfill difficult global needs. One of the university values is to build personal trust and relationship among different cultures delivering continuous advance and support to the global economy. This university possesses different campus around the world such as China, Croatia, and Dubai that integrateRead MoreDifferent Subjective Assessment Of Quality Of Living1186 Words   |  5 PagesMercer’s criteria for Quality of Living are objective, neutral and unbiased. It measures the quality of living for expatriates based on 39 criteria grouped into 10 key categories (Mercer, 2011). Each category is weighed to reflect its importance for overall quality of living. They assess the degree to which expatriates enjoy the standard of living in each host location, factoring in the interaction of political, socio-economic and environmental factors. For this ranking, New York serves as the base cityRead MoreThe Impact of Regulation on Economic Growth in Developing Countries: a Cross-Country Analysis11296 Words   |  46 PagesTHE IMPACT OF REGULATION ON ECONOMIC GROWTH IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: A CROSS-COUNTRY ANALYSIS 1 ABSTRACT The role of an effective regulatory regime in promoting economic growth and development has generated considerable interest among researchers and practitioners in recent years. In particular, building effective regulatory structures in developing countries is not simply an issue of the technical design of the most appropriate regulatory instruments, it is also concerned with the qualityRead MoreCritical Analysis of New Indian Economic Policy5290 Words   |  22 PagesIndia as per the GDP is the eleventh largest economy in the world and by purchasing power parity the fourth largest. Following strong economic reforms from the socialist inspired economy of Indian nation before the time of independence, the country began to develop a fast-paced economic growth, as free market principles were initiated in 1990 for international competition and foreign investment. India is an emerging economic power with a very large amount resources both natural and human resourceRead MoreThe Importan ce Of Doing Business In Iraq1175 Words   |  5 Pagesof this globalization is development and research into international business and work related culture. In a recent paper by Mooij Hofstede (2010), it found focus on researching and investigating culture is becoming more popular. Looking at the exponential growth and influence of international, more International Managers are becoming aware of the impact and importance of national culture on organizational culture. National Information of Iran GDP is a national measure of monetary value of allRead MoreEffect of Corruption on Kenyas Economoc Growth6642 Words   |  27 PagesUNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CORRUPTION AND ECONOMIC GROWTH IN KENYA MULEMBO ENOKA X75/3844/2008 GERALD NGILAI MUEMA X74/3741/2008 GITHINJI JOSEPH MULWA X74/3726/2008 WANGARI ELIJAH GACHOHI X75/3777/2008 KIRU JOSEPH KAMAU X74/ 3599 /2008 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1 1.1 Background to the study 1 1.1.1 Ministry of Finance Kenya†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦

The Amazon. com company free essay sample

The Amazon. com company was founded by Bezos Jeff in the year 1994 and the year 1995 marked the launching date for the company.   According to Miller (2005) the company deals with the sale of products through the Internet.   The electronic American commerce business has attracted a lot of business the world over. The company has a bookstore business which is on line, it also has come up with various lines of products such as MP3 formats, VHS, CDS, electronics, video games, furnitures, apparel, computer software, toys, and food.   The United kingdom, Canada, Japan China and France are places within which the Amazon. com has established its websites (Trevino, 2005).   The company also offers shipping services globally to places where the companys products are distributed. The Amazon. com as one of the leading companies in the electronic commerce business has faced various challenges which pressurizes its operations.   One of the pressure the company gets is the need to be effective in the data management of the customers who conduct transactions with the company. Montes (2006) posited that business operation on the net is not easy to manage.   The company is always challenged by the issue of tracking down the various channels through which business operates and to come up with a good collection of data in order to know how the sales of the company are progressing. Where the collection of data is not well managed, it would be hard to know what is exactly taking place in the business.   Many companies running the e commerce have been unable to track down their data effectively and ended up operating the business blindly. The amazon company has had challenges resulting from the need to ensure that SEO-finding of the company is effective and also ensure that traffic over the world of Internet is sufficient (Lefebvire, 2006).   The company has to fight with the many competitors who have emerged in the e commerce business. For every business to succeed in the e commerce, it is important to ensure that while customers are shopping for goods over the Internet they can be in a position to see the website of the company on the front page.   If a company is not in a position to appear on the top while the others do, chances are that very few customers will get information about the companys products and this leads to less sales (Strander, 2002). The company managers are always on their toes trying to fight new ways of expanding and diversifying the companys product.   With the increase in the the number of companies which are taking part in the e-commerce, it is very dangerous for any company to reach the comfort zone.   Dakota (2004) posited that the new companies in the market have tried to come up with substitute products which are offered by the amazon. These competitors are aggressive and always fighting to win a great traffic on the net by using various links and proving to be the most attractive home pages on the net.   The amazon company has the pressure of ensuring that it utilizes the modern technology and ensures that it secures the best position in the Internet world.   Application of strategic planning is also an important aspect.   The company is always in need of attaining the best strategies to maintain as a leading company in the Internet. The need to secure the best system intergeneration for the company is of utmost importance for the success of the business.   The Amazon. com has the pressure to ensure that its softwares are effective and that it is in a position to secure disparate systems which include inventory management, quick books, payment processing and order processing. These equipments are of utmost importance to ensure that the communication system within the company is effective.   Failure to afford these items the communication system in the company gets to break down. According to Vessel (2006) the result is that the tracking of the channels through which the business operations of the company are taking place becomes hard. A business needs these systems if it wants to be in a position to measure its performance in the past, the present and future performance.   With this facilities the company is able to compare its performance with the competitors and know what business strategies it needs to use in order to keep leading in the e commerce business. Quinn (2001) posited that the other challenges faced by the Amazon. com is the need to ensure that the product sourcing methods and procedures are effective, margin shrinking and rising fees are also important issues.   This issues mainly occur in the auction scenarios but it is important for every business to ensure that any challenges that have great effect on the activities which helps to improve the function of the business are tackled first. Failure of putting measures to control the challenges facing a business leads to the going down of the organization and the weakness in management skills.   A company needs to first ensure that its operations are effective before it moves to the next step of considering expansion issue.   Without an efficient operation and management, a company may not be in a position to realize any profits. The Amazon. com is also pressurized by the need of change and adjustment to the ever changing infrastructures and the emergence of new products in the market.   According to Winston (2003) there have been new industries coming up in the market with new products and infrastructure and the challenge is overcoming the obstacles which may prevent a company from adjusting to the changes.   Virtual or digital products are a good example of the products which have emerged into the market and customers are in a position to access them by downloading the products from any destination.   The soundtrack as one of the products gives the customers the power to decide whether they want to retain the product in virtual form or whether they would like to   be accessed in the physical form. The challenge which is associated with this products is   looking for the category where this products may placed considering the industry category which traditionally used to host the products and the new digital dimension in which the products take (Short, 2004). The issue of application of intellectual rights on property is also difficult and the company get problems while choosing which customary laws to apply. The emergence of new industries in this sector is very hard to predict.   This prediction is important as it is used by a company to determine the future expectation of market share and to plan for the strategies which need to be applied in case of many competitors coming in the market.   The multimedia coming into the market was one of the threatening competitors Amazon experienced and the way forward for this sector is still not well defined.   This means that the company is faced by unpredictable occurrences.

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Waste Water Problems and Solutions in Bahrain Essay Example

Waste Water Problems and Solutions in Bahrain Paper Waste water In the Arab world the water challenges are well studied and researched. There are facts that water security is disappearing. Especially in Bahrain, where it is a small island and the demand Atwater is increasing year by year. Waste water in Bahrain started to occur by human activities of companies, agriculture and can include a wide range of pollution. Water is an important thing therefore solutions should be made and to be delivered to the citizens of the importance of water nowadays. There is a limited awareness of Bahrain citizens about eater limitations, they are using it without any concentrations or thinking. Lots of percentages water being used incorrectly whether in plantings, home usage, or other water based activities. This has caused many issues relating to water, even to the citizens of Bahrain because water is a necessity object in everything. Moreover, issues of water quality and maintenance are decisively important; as having a constant water supply besides the water resources it could affect the development Of the country as well (Gulf News, 2010). Water comes into mostly everything in life, it is important for human being and animals to live, Lana protection where lots Of agricultural industries and farming areas are being developed in the region. As well as, its involved in lots of manufacturing. Heimlich and business sectors fields. As a fact it is more important than the oil which Bahrain is relying on for its economic aspects. Bahrain is planning new waste water treatment for the Tubule Sewage Treatment Plant. Kalmia Abraham AY Monsoon, the ministry assistant undersecretary stated in his report that the proposal of arranging a connection with the private sector in order to expand ND upgrade the Tubule Sewage Treatment Plant will be positively expected at the end to year 201 1. We will write a custom essay sample on Waste Water Problems and Solutions in Bahrain specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Waste Water Problems and Solutions in Bahrain specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Waste Water Problems and Solutions in Bahrain specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer In addition, he also said that Tubule plant is not proficient with treating the problems related to waste water and Maharaja plant will pact the waste water and generate enough amount of water for landscaping. And as a result of that it will decrease the shortages of water in Bahrain. This prevarication project is mainly developed to increase the Greenfield sewage plant treatment with facilitating the designing, financing, testing and operating well water usage in the region. Furthermore, this project is supposed to establish and introduce the main concept of waste water management throughout the people and overall firms of Bahrain and reduce number of operational problems that are faced now and find solutions Within the next 50 years (Clean Middle East, 2011). Only the stated above will not be enough for now, as people are not very much aware Of the shortages that Bahrain is facing for water. That is Why institutes and more awareness programs should be provided in the count/ in order to be able to succeed in reducing waste water problems.

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Free Essays on Stranger In A Strange Land

so that it might be deemed socially acceptable. Whatever the case, the book was widely read by those who liked it and those who did not. (Angelo 2002) In cur... Free Essays on Stranger In A Strange Land Free Essays on Stranger In A Strange Land Robert Heinlein’s â€Å"Stranger in a Strange Land† is considered one of the greatest works of science fiction ever written. The literary work has an incredibly well designed plots, lucid and strong characters and uses real scientific arguments and theories with a sound structure. Throughout his works Heinlein has become known as a writer that uses factual information and specifics about politics, linguistics, economics, sociology, mathematics, genetics, parapsychology etc., â€Å"Stranger in a Strange Land† is an excellent example of this writing style. The novel touches on humanity at its best and worst. Aspects of all side of culture are examined including the big ones, religion, money, power, love and sexuality. (Angelo 2002) Some works of literature leave a mark on society, because of their insight because of their diction, because they have some unique characteristic that leaves part of itself with the reader. I believe that â€Å"Stranger in a Strange Land† left it’s mark on western culture. In fact this novel was referred to as the bible of the sixties. (Angelo 2002) The novel is a story about a man that was raised by Martians and then brought back to earth in his early twenties. This is an incredibly unique situation that allows the reader to re-experience what it is to be human from a different perspective. â€Å"Stranger in a Strange Land† was enormously popular and quite risquà © when it was published in 1961. At the time it was published it’s social critique, religious diversity and unique views of gender relationships and human sexuality caused quite a stir. Some even credit the novel with spawning the â€Å"free love† or communal style living of the sixties. Interestingly enough, even the publisher of the novel ordered it to be cut by 70,000 some odd words so that it might be deemed socially acceptable. Whatever the case, the book was widely read by those who liked it and those who did not. (Angelo 2002) In cur...